TOEFL ITP and TOEFL IBT TEST PREPARATION in astana (nur-sultan)

What is the TOEFL IBT?

The TOEFL IBT is a computer-based test, and it evaluates how well a person can understand listening, reading, writing, and speaking at the university level.


The TOEFL IBT consists of four parts:


  • Listening measures the ability to understand lectures, classroom discussions, and conversations.
  • Reading measures the ability to understand academic texts.
  • Speaking measures the ability to express opinions on familiar topics; some questions are based on reading and listening tasks.
  • Writing measures the ability to write essays in response to reading and listening tasks; the second question measures how well you can support an opinion in writing.
Reading36-56 questions - 60-80 minutes
Listening34-51 questions - 60-90 minutes
Break10 minutes
Speaking6 questions - 20 minutes
Writing 2 questions - 50 minutes

What is the TOEFL ITP?

THE TOEFL ITP is a paper-based test, and it evaluates how well a person can understand spoken English, grammatical points, and academic reading.


The TOEFL ITP consists of three parts:


  • Listening Comprehension measures the ability to understand spoken English.
  • Structure and Written Expression measures recognition of selected structural and grammatical points.
  • Reading Comprehension measures the ability to read and understand academic reading material in English.


The TOEFL ITP Test: Level 1intermediate to advanced
Listening Comprehension50 questions - 35 minutes
Structure and Written Expression40 questions - 25 minutes
Reading Comprehension50 questions - 55 minutes
TOTAL140 questions - 115 minutes
The TOEFL ITP Test: Level 2beginning to intermediate
Listening Comprehension30 questions - 22 minutes
Structure and Written Expression25 questions - 17 minutes
Reading Comprehension40 questions - 31 minutes
TOTAL95 questions - 70 minutes

who are our toefl itp and ibt instructors in astana (nur-sultan)?

Who are our TOEFL ITP and IBT instructors?

1) Our teachers are graduates of English literature and language from one of the top 100 universities in the world either from the United States or the United Kingdom. We do not work with unqualified or in experienced teachers; we only work with certified native or near-native-English teachers.

2) Our teachers have the  CELTA certificate from the University of Cambridge, and it is a highly prestigious certificate for language teachers.

3) Our teachers have at least three years of international teaching experience.



- If you do not have an official exam result, you need to take a TOEFL ITP or TOEFL IBT test at KAZielts before you commence your TOEFL ITP or IBT preparation program.


You can see some of the reference letters sent to our school by our former students: click here to view them now.

COmparison of the ielts and the toefl scores

On this page, you will find a table comparing the TOEFL and the IELTS in terms of grading/scoring.

IELTS Scores TOEFL Scores

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