You can prepare for the following sections of the SAT test in Astana (Nurs-Sultan) with KAZielts.


Which SAT tests can you prepare with KAZielts?

- SAT Reading Test *

- SAT Writing and Language Test*

- SAT essay **


* Reading Test and Writing and Language tests are based on multiple choice questions, and some sections contain tables, graphs and charts. The preliminary information is never tested.

** For Essay, candidates need to read a passage and then explain how the author of that particular passage is trying to convince the audience. Candidates must also support their statements with evidences.


who are our sat preparation  teachers in astana (nur-Sultan)?

1) Our teachers are graduates of English literature and language from one of the top 100 universities in the world either from the United States or the United Kingdom. We do not work with unqualified or in experienced teachers; we only work with certified native or near-native-English teachers.

2) Our teachers have the  CELTA certificate from the University of Cambridge, and it is a highly prestigious certificate for language teachers.

3) Our teachers have at least three years of international teaching experience.

4) Our students went on to study at the  London School of Economics and Political Science, the University of Warwick, University of  Pennsylvania, University of California at Berkeley, Carnegie Mellon University, the University of California at San Diego,  Cornell University, the University of Leeds, Duke University, the University of Vienna, Durham University, the University of East Anglia, Newcastle University, which are the world's most prestigious universities.



SAT is a test taken by high school students/graduates. The test is organized by College Board in the United States of America. Most universities and colleges located in the USA require  high school graduates to take the test. However, they can also study at a prestigious university in the USA without taking the test. Our teachers are graduated from prestigious colleges  and universities in the USA, and they can help you with your questions.


In addition to the universities in the USA, some prestigious universities and colleges in other countries also may require high school students/graduates to take the test.


Where is the College Board located?

College Board is located in the State of New York.


What does SAT measure?

SAT mainly measures what you have learned in high school and what you need to learn for a college or university--the test is in English.


Why was the format of the test modified back in the year 2016?

The format of the test was modified because the new test focuses on the needs of high school students/graduates much better than the previous version of the test.


What does the SAT test measure, and what does it contain?

The test consists of four parts.

1. Reading consists for 52 questions and lasts for 65 minutes.

2. Writing and Language Test  consists for 44 questions and lasts for 35 minutes.

3. Mathematics  consists of 20 questions and lasts for 25 minutes. Test takers are not allowed to use their calculators.

4. Mathematics consists of 38 questions, and it lasts for 55 minutes.  Test takers can use their own calculators. Please, see the bottom of this page to see which calculators are allowed for the test by the College Board.

5. Essay part consists of a single question, and it lasts for fifty minutes.


How long does the SAT test last?

The test lasts for three hours without the essay part. If you take the essay in addition to the SAT, the entire test lasts for 3 hours and 50 minutes.


How are scores calculated?

The essay portion of the test is graded separately.


The highest score a test taker can get from the Reading and the Writing and Language Tests is 800. On the other hand, math section consists of two parts, and the highest score a test taker can get from the math tests  is 800. Therefore, the highest score a test taker can get is 1600 when all of the four sections are combined.


How can I see my SAT results?

Two weeks after the test, you can go to to view your scores.  However, about 4-6 weeks after the test, you can have your scores sent to the colleges and universities by mail. During the busiest months such as May and July, viewing your scores online can take up to six weeks.


How many SAT exam results can I send by mail to the schools I select?

College Board can send maximum four SAT exam results by mail at no additional charge. All test results are sent for free up to nine days after the test.  If you submit your exam result to more than 4 schools, you must pay an additional fee for each result. The College Board charges  US $12 to send each exam.


How do I get my SAT test results earlier ?

If you want your SAT results to be delivered faster than the regular delivery, there is a rush reporting at an additional cost, but there is no cancellation or refund after the SAT Rush Reporting order has been placed.


How much is the SAT test?

The examination fee varies regionally. In the Republic of Kazakhstan, the test costs US $49.


How many times can I take the SAT?

There is no limit, and you can take the SAT test as many times as you need.


I took the exam more than once and which test results will be valid?

If you've taken the SAT test more than once, you can use whichever you want.


How do I register for the SAT Exam

You can register at


How old should I be to register for the test online?

There is no such a formal rule. However, if you are 12 and under, there is a different method for registration. Due to  legal regulations, persons aged 12 and under are not allowed to register online. Persons aged 13 and over can register by using the College Board's webpage.


What kind of services do you offer for disabled students?

If you have a documented obstacle, you can be eligible to take the SAT test. However, disabled students cannot take the SAT and SAT Subject Tests tests unless their request  is approved by the Disabled Students Services (SSD).


I missed the last-day-to-register period, and can I still register for the test?

You can still register for the SAT through the waiting list. However, being on the waiting list cannot guarantee that you can take the exam.  You must have a College Board account before you can make a request. However, if you are 21 or over, you will not be eligible for the waiting list.


What should I take with me on the SAT test day?

- Your ID card

- An identity issued by the government

- Eraser and two no.2 pens

- An approved calculator--see the list of calculators below.


What can you take to the test center?

- A clock without an alarm

- A bag or backpack

- Drinks (for your breaks)


What can't you take to the test center?

- Digital wristwatches and smart wristwatches

- Google glass and similar products

- iPod and iPad

- any kind of ruler

- dictionary

- telephone

- computer


Which calculators can I use in the SAT Exam?

The use of calculators that can connect to the internet and that have telephone feature is prohibited.

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