IELTS Test Dates, Fees, and Locations for Astana (Nur-sultan)

price of a-paper-based-ielts exam for astana, almaty, karaganda, atyrau, pavlodar, semey, oskemen, and shymkent

Price of a-computer-based-IELTS exam is 60.000 KZT for Astana until April 2019. Starting in April 2019, price of a-computer-based exam will be 61.000 KZT.


Your IELTS exam results will be ready approximately two weeks after a paper-based test and about 5-7 days after a computer-based test.

On this page, you will find information about the exam dates for Astana.


Wherever you choose to take your test, your registration will be handled by the British Council in Almaty. The British Council Kazakhstan offers IELTS tests in Almaty, Astana, Atyrau and upon request in other regions.


If you still do not know why there are two types of exams offered by the exams, you should check this link:

4) Why are there two types of IELTS exams: IELTS general and IELTS academic?


The venue address will be sent by e-mail seven days before the test.


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IELTS Paper Dates for Astana (Nur-Sultan)Registration
01/11/2020 IELTS general & academicEXTENDED
01/16/2020 IELTS academic examEXTENDED
01/18/2020 IELTS general & academicEXTENDED
02/01/2020 IELTS general & academic12/27/2019
02/08/2020 IELTS academic01/03/2020
02/13/2020 IELTS general & academic01/08/2020
02/22/2020 IELTS academic01/17/2020
03/05/2020 IELTS academic01/29/2020
03/07/2020 IELTS general & academic01/31/2020
03/14/2020 IELTS academic02/07/2020
03/21/2020 IELTS general & academic02/14/2020
04/04/2020 IELTS general & academic02/28/2020
04/11/2020 IELTS academic03/06/2020
04/18/2020 IELTS general & academic03/13/2020
04/30/2020 IELTS academic03/25/2020
05/16/2020 IELTS academic04/10/2020
05/21/2020 IELTS general & academic04/15/2020
05/30/2020 IELTS general & academic04/24/2020
06/06/2020 IELTS academic05/01/2020
06/13/2020 IELTS general & academic05/08/2020
06/18/2020 IELTS academic05/13/2020
06/20/2020 IELTS general & academic05/15/2020
07/02/2020 IELTS academic05/27/2020
07/11/2020 IELTS general & academic06/05/2020
07/18/2020 IELTS academic06/12/2020
LocationPer Paper-based-IELTS Exam

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