1) Our teachers have a BA in English  from one of the top 100 universities in the United States or the UK. We do not work  with newly graduated or  inexperienced teachers who have a degree in a subject  other than English. We do not work with teachers who do not meet these requirements.


2) Our teachers have CELTA from the University of Cambridge, which is a highly prestigious certificate for language teachers. CELTA training lasts for approximately 120 hours, and we only work with certified teachers who are trained in a classroom environment .


3) Our teachers have at least three years of international  teaching experience. We believe when a teacher has international teaching experience, he or she can effectively find solutions for each unique problem our students have.


4) Our students went on to study at the  London School of Economics and Political Science, the University of Warwick, University of  Pennsylvania, University of California at Berkeley, Carnegie Mellon University, the University of California at San Diego,  Cornell University, the University of Leeds, Duke University, the University of Vienna, Durham University, the University of East Anglia, Newcastle University, which are the world's most prestigious schools.


5) We also provide our students with their master's theses and doctoral theses. Our students graduate with a  B  or distincton. We also help them with their essays, personal statements, and school applications.

our students come from various national and international companies:

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references sent by some of our former students

I studied with many local teachers, and I was not satisfied with the results. When I met with my new teacher, I realized that it was really easy to understand his teaching style and that his explanations made the  process more interesting.

Akerke Makhmud

Previous IELTS score 4.0 and new IELTS score 7.5

Listening 8.5, Reading 8.0 Writing 6.5, Speaking 7.0

She is studying psychology at Durham University in the UK.


I am pleased to provide a reference letter for my teacher. I took the IELTS course for a month, and I am be proud of the results I have achieved throughout the course. The teacher's methods show his incredible experience as a language teacher.

Anar Amirova

Previous IELTS score 5.0 and new IELTS score 7.0

He holds a master's degree from the prestigious Warwick University in the UK.


I took IELTS courses in the UK and got 7.0  before, but it was easier to understand this teacher than the teachers in England. Without generous help, I could not decipher the exam in such detail.

Diyas Sarsenbay, Economist at KazMunaiGaz

Previous IELTS score 7.0 and new IELTS score 7.5

He received his MA from Durham University in the UK.


One of the best teachers in my city; he has a very effective method.

Aidos Amirgaliyev, a candidate who wants to study at Yale University in the USA


Previous IELTS 2.0 points and new IELTS 5.5 points


The best teacher!

Ardager Nurgalin, a student who wants to study in the USA


 Previous IELTS score is 2.5 and the new IELTS score is 5.0


Hello there. My name is Aigerim, I attended the classes between June 2 - July 17, 2018 to prepare for the APTIS exam. I doubted whether it was worth it at the beginning that I could complete the course in just one month, especially the representative or native speaker, he said that he would not be in Kazakhstan from June 24 to July 8. My colleague Berik had also worked with him before and decided to give a chance on his advice. He explains everything very honestly. I cannot believe it, but it really works. July 17, APTIS (IELTS) got 5 points and entered the master's program. To sum up, I suggest this school and thank them. Good luck and achievements to them!

Aigerim Umirova, she is doing her MA at a college in Astana

Previous IELTS (APTIS) score 2.0- and new IELTS (APTIS) score 5.0


Thank you--you taught me concepts that are not found in books.

Ekaterina Gorbunova

Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools Astana

Previous IELTS 3.0 score and new IELTS 5.5 score


I got a distinction in my dissertation. Thank you so much for helping me!

Saniya Ramazanova

MSc Financial Risk Management at Leeds University in the UK


I know, and you're the best teacher!

Assyl Tobakabulov

Previous IELTS score 4.5 and new IELTS score 7.0

He received his master's degree from Newcastle University in England.


He gave me more useful tips for my test than my English teachers in London. He's the best teacher I've ever met because he is very friendly and honest. My teachers in England did not teach me even 10% of what this teacher taught me. I spent so much money in England, but this teacher was better. I wish I knew about him before.

Previous IELTS score 4.0 and new IELTS score 6.0

Askar Tugralin

Student in Astana


My name is Ilya Astepenko. I'm from Astana. I'm gonna study in Toronto, Canada. I tried to find a qualified English teacher who could help me prepare for the IELTS exam. I didn't know anything about the IELTS exam and I managed to get the score I needed. I recommend this teacher to those who want to reach the right score or improve their skills in just a short time.

Ilya Astapenko

Previous IELTS score 5.0 and new IELTS score 6.5

Student, Humber College, Toronto, Canada


I got the score I needed.

Arsen Kussainov

Student at the University of Vienna

Old score 6.0 and new score 7.0


My name is Ayazhan Baymurzina; I'm a student at East Anglia University in England. In 2016, I started to prepare for the IELTS exam. A year later, I realized that the lessons I took  did not give the desired result. One month before the exam, I started working with my teacher and it didn't take long to get the result. I passed the exam, and I now have a scholarship!

Previous IELTS score 4.0 and new IELTS score N / A

She is doing her master's degree at the University of East Anglia in the UK.


My name is Sagadat Nurgazin, and I'm from Astana. I didn't know anything about English when I started working with this teacher. I just knew very simple words like  yes, no, right, left etc. I took 96 lessons from my teacher, and I went to Toronto, Canada. My teachers in Canada checked my English level and told me I was an intermediate level. I had no problems understanding my Canadian teachers. I really recommend this teacher to those who plan to get good results in a very short time.

Sagadat Nurgazin

Student at Braemar College in Toronto, Canada

He studied general English with us.


I've worked with him since July 2014. I worked 40 hours in total. I'm happy to say that my score has doubled.

Previous IELTS score 4.0 and new IELTS score 8.0

Nazerke Kenesan


I worked with other teachers, but my English never improved. I increased my IELTS band score from 4.0-4.5 to 6.0. I recommend to those who plan to get results in a short time.

Aizhan Rakhmetova

Previous IELTS score 4.0 - 4.5 and new IELTS score 6.0

Nazarbayev University


My teacher read my master's thesis and made suggestions to me to improve clarity and consistency. The teacher also provided some general feedback that I should be aware of in the future. When I reach the next turning point in my academic studies, I will definitely call him back for his help.

Bagnur Karbozova

MSc in Conflict Studies at the School of Economics and Political Science, London


I gave him private lessons in our office in December 2013. Our teacher found our requirements in English and prepared really special lessons for us according to our needs.

Pinar Yildiz

EMC Computer Systems

General English intermediate level


I took grammar and vocabulary lessons, and I became more confident after I studied with him.

Fatos Kaplan

Lawyer at Unilever

General English


He's a very good teacher. I thought IELTS was too difficult for me, but now I believe in myself more - thank you.

Mukumali Mahumov

Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools - Atyrau

The previous IELTS score is 3.5 and the new IELTS score is 6.5


My teacher helped me with my IELTS exam. I believe that without his help, my application  and MA thesis would be be incomplete and the entire process will not be that painless!

Aliya Salybekova

She received her master's degree from Duke University in the USA.


I studied with many other teachers, but you were the best teacher.


Student at University of California at San Diego

Previous IELTS score 2.0 and new IELTS score N / A

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